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Phone 509-679-2380

Counseling Sevices and Billing
I am in-network with:
~ Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield    ~ GEHA
~ Aetna      ~ Asuris     ~ First Choice      ~ LifeWise  
~ Regence Blue Shield  ~Health Alliance  ~Cigna  
~Health Alliance Medicare ~ 
Even though I am an in-network provider, I do not accept ProviderOne Apple Health nor Molina Apple Health, 
Please call your insurer to see if I am in-network

I use TherapyNotes for progress note and billing. 
If you have insurance:

Call your insurance company before you schedule an appointment. 
* Is LaRee an in-network provider?
* Has the deductible been met?
* What is my co-pay?
** If you do not do this, you could have to pay cash for counseling services provided at the insurance rate.
If you don't have insurance:

* My cash/check rate:
*Intake is 90 minutes:  $150.00
*Therapy session  60 minutes:  $130.00
*Therapy session  45 minutes:  $ 100.00
*Therapy session  30 minutes:  $ 65.00

If accept cash, checks, credit, debit, health savings account cards.

***  I am currently using for online Telehealth services

How to schedule an appointment:
1.  First contact your insurance company to find out your co-pay, deductible and if I am in-network.

2.  Call the phone number provided or email me through the contact page form on this website. 

3. If you leave a message or use the contact information, please leave me the best time to reach you.

4.  I will then schedule an initial 30 minute appointment (no charge) to ensure you feel comfortable at        my office and talking with me.            
What happens at an appointment? 
* When you arrive you will pay your co-pay/deductible

* Your intake (first) appointment will involve taking three quick assessments for anxiety,  depression and post traumatic distress disorder. 

* We will discuss your goals for counseling and how those goals might be met.  

*We will schedule another appointment